Students and Faculty Present Work at 86th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association

Research by Rebecca Cohen ’15, Nicole Coogan ’15, Rebecca Gallup ’15, Autumn Vogel ’15, Breana Gallagher ’15, Katherine Roach ’16 and Assistant Professor of Psychology Lydia Eckstein Jackson was presented at the 86th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association in Philadelphia in March. In collaboration with Professor Jackson, Rebecca Cohen presented her Senior Project on “The Effects of Acute and Chronic Stress on Unethical Behavior”; Nicole Coogan presented her Senior Project work on “The Effects of Short-term Volunteerism on Identification With All Humanity”; Rebecca Gallup presented her work on “The Effects of Loving-Kindness Meditation on Unethical Behavior”; Autumn Vogel presented research completed as part of an independent studies course titled “Self-Objectification, System Justification, and Social Activism”; and Breana Gallagher and Katie Roach presented work they had completed as part of independent studies projects on whether competitiveness predicts unethical behavior.