Bennett Gould ’17 and Creek Connections Earn Campus Sustainability Champion Awards

The Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium presented 2015 Campus Sustainability Champion awards to Bennett Gould ’17 and to Creek Connections. Campus Sustainability Champion awards are given annually to students, faculty and staff of Pennsylvania colleges and universities who have made meaningful contributions benefiting social, economic and/or environmental sustainability on their campuses, in their communities or in society at large. Both Bennett and Wendy Kedzierski, director of Creek Connections, participated in a panel of Campus Sustainability Champions at PERC’s annual conference, held on October 9. Bennett was honored for his leadership with Allegheny College’s annual four-week energy challenge, for reviving the college’s bike share program, and for developing a detailed proposal to add humidistats to dorm ventilation fans and to place outdoor recycling receptacles across Allegheny’s campus.