2015-16 Allegheny Student Government—The Year in Review

The Allegheny Student Government Association (ASG) maintains collaborative relationships with administrators, faculty and staff. Haley Riley, Class of 2016, president (right), and Tessie Bracken, Class of 2017, vice-president (left), serve as elected members of the Allegheny Student Government, responsible for representing student perspectives and experiences to enhance the academic and co-curricular engagement on campus and in the greater Meadville and surrounding communities.

This year, ASG revised the constitution to ensure better representation of all class years. In addition, ASG began the fall 2015 semester with the charge of being more visible and accessible on campus. Haley and Tess are a dynamic duo! They have been instrumental in managing the student activities fees, and have worked with members of ASG to provide more than $18,000 to support campus speakers, community engagement and student organizations in the development of campus programs. ASG has also developed a Gator of the Year Speaker process to feature interesting high-profile speakers to engage with students on important world topics and issues.

ASG also was actively involved in coordinating the Community Conversation on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016. The conversation provided an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to join together to discuss the campus climate, statement on community and the impact of social media on the campus community. Finally, ASG has advocated for changing the speed limit, developing campus signage and enhancing street lighting around campus to ensure the safety of students.

The 2016-17 ASG Cabinet has been selected and includes the following:

Tess Bracken ’17, President
Sofia Kaufman ’17, Vice-President
Hayden Moyer ’17, Chief of Staff
Eric Chang ’17, Attorney General
Luke McBride ’18, Director of the Treasury
Sydney Fernandez ’17, Co-Director of Student Affairs
Matthew Hartwell ’18, Co-Director of Student Affairs
Mark Myers ’19, Director of Communications
Levi Lundell ’17, Director of Sustainability & Environmental Affairs
Alexa Maloney ’17, Director of Organizational Development
Miguel Guillen ’19, First-Year Liaison

ASG invites students to join them every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Henderson Campus Center, Room 301-302.