Students and Faculty Present Research at Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association

Research by Katie Denning ’16, Maria Kim ’18, Alana Picozzi ’18, Natasha Torrence ’17, Osasere Edebiri ’16, Annie Utterback ’16 and Professors Sarah Conklin, Lydia Eckstein Jackson, Aimee Knupsky, and Ryan Pickering was presented at the 87th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association in New York City in March. Katie Denning — in collaboration with Nina Kikel ’17, Associate Professor of Psychology Aimee Knupsky, and Assistant Professor of Psychology Lydia Eckstein Jackson — presented her Senior Project research on the importance of context cues on Theory of Mind. Annie Utterback presented her Senior Project work on the role of gender in recognizing displays of emotion, an interdisciplinary project completed in collaboration with Associate Professor of English M. Soledad Caballero and Professor Knupsky. In collaboration with Professor Jackson, Maria Kim presented her independent studies research on “The Effects of Self-Compassion on Students’ Achievement Goals.” Alana Picozzi and Natasha Torrence presented summer and independent studies research completed with Stephen Anderson ’16, Randy Violette ’17, and Professor Jackson on predictors of unethical behavior. Osasere Edebiri presented work conducted as part of an independent studies project with Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology Sarah Conklin, Professor Jackson, and Assistant Professor of Psychology Ryan Pickering on ideological predictors of antibacterial product use.