Reeck participates in BBC Radio story

Associate Professor of Modern and Classical Languages Laura Reeck Participated in a BBC Radio story on soccer in the French Banlieues. She discussed attitudes toward the Euro 2016 soccer championship in the French banlieues, specifically in the banlieue of Bondy. Here is the link:
“This has a backstory shared with my students from last semester who took a course on the French banlieues with me. I reached out to Fouad Ben Ahmed after reading articles by George Packer featuring him in the New Yorker Magazine. My students and I entered into a relationship with him over the course of the semester though email exchanges and a video conference. On a short trip to France in June, I had the privilege of meeting Fouad Ben Ahmed — recently called “Ambassador of the Banlieues” in a LeMonde newspaper article — in person and interpreting for him in this BBC piece. I also worked with the journalists to identify and interview residents of Bondy,” said Reeck.