Alumna’s Gift to Internship Fund Helps Students Along Path from College to Career

Interning at a Washington, D.C. think tank gave Aurley Morris ’15 a vivid snapshot of life as a young professional just before her senior year at Allegheny College. Bolstered by that experience, the political science major transitioned seamlessly into a full-time position at a major consulting firm after graduation.

Just a year and a half later, Morris has now made a gift to her alma mater to help today’s students along their own paths from college to career. She has provided initial support to establish the Intern Excellence Fund, which helps to cover expenses like housing, food, clothing and transportation for Allegheny students while they’re interning.

Aurley Morris '15
Aurley Morris ’15

Employers are seeking candidates with meaningful experience, and some internships even lead directly to a job. Organizations responding to a National Association of Colleges and Employers survey, for example, offered employment to 73 percent of their interns, on average, in 2016.

But expenses can add up quickly for interns. Many of the most sought-after positions are in high cost-of-living cities, and some offer little or no compensation. Even a modest amount of funding for essentials can be a deciding factor in whether a student can accept an internship.

“I believe that, if students are willing to put in the work and are able to secure an internship role, they should be supported to succeed in that position,” says Morris, who also studied at the London School of Economics as an Allegheny student.

Morris explains that she was inspired to make a gift because of the positive experiences she had with her fellow students at Allegheny. And she hopes that her fellow alumni will join her in giving to the Internship Excellence Fund.

“The fund provides direct support for students looking to succeed after graduation,” Morris says. “Successful graduates, in turn, strengthen the network of Allegheny alumni.”

Make a gift online to the Intern Excellence Fund at Allegheny or learn more by contacting the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs at (814) 332-5910.