Allegheny to Host Dance Minors’ Concert

The Dance and Movement Studies Program will hold its annual concert on April 28 at 7 p.m. to showcase pieces directed by various dance-minor students. The concert will be held in the Montgomery Performance Space, and is free and open to the public.

The concert is titled “You. Me. Us.,” a play on the phrase “me, myself, and I,” to address the theme of relationships – whether familial, romantic, or otherwise. Each piece is designed and choreographed independently by dance minors, so a variety of styles and perspectives are included in the show. The concert allows students the freedom to explore the styles and techniques that draw them, and each year’s production has a different texture to it depending on who is involved and what is brought to the floor.

Senior Abby Walters, the liaison for the show, said that dance in general is closely related to the Year of Mindfulness, Allegheny’s campus-wide theme for 2016-17.
“Defining dance as a movement exercise performed with intention, awareness, and presence in oneself and the body, I’d say that all of the performances will relate to the Year of Mindfulness and to living a life of purpose rather than mere existence,” Walters said.
Though Walters is the designated liaison, the concert itself is a collaborative effort between all of the dance minors, and other non-minors joining in.
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