Wu’s Research Featured in Journals

Associate Professor of History Guo Wu published a research article titled “Zheng Zhen and the Rise of Evidential Research in Late Qing Northern Guizhou” online in Journal of Chinese History (Cambridge University Press) in August, and another paper titled “Outsourcing the State Power: Extrajudicial Incarceration During the Cultural Revolution” appears in China: An International Journal (National University of Singapore Press). vol.15, no.3, (August 2017). In early May, he presented a paper “American Studies on Chinese Ethnic Minorities and Borderlands” to the Chinese Conference on Sinology and Translation, Nankai University, China, and in June, he presented a paper titled “‘A White Horse is Not a Horse’? Rethinking Pre-Qin Chinese Sophism in Light of Aristotelian Epistemology”, to the annual conference of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy at Peking University, China.In May 2017, he was invited by the College of Ethnology and Sociology, Central-Southern University of Nationalities (Wuhan) to deliver a talk titled “American Studies of Modern Chinese History: Present and Future.”