Former Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy: Cities, Students Must be ‘Intentional’

Former three-term Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy told students gathered in Allegheny College’s Quigley Hall auditorium Friday that cities must be intentional in attracting talent, forming public-private partnerships, and building a future in order to be successful.

“The reality is, cities that are successful are cities that are making investments in the future,” Murphy said during his lecture,“Reaching for the Future: Competing in the 21st Century.” “Cities that have said ‘We need to make investments, not just to maintain the status quo but to invest in the future.”

Students must be intentional in the same way, he said. 

“You will succeed in life if you are intentional about what you want to do,” said Murphy, who oversaw a revitalization of Pittsburgh and is now an Urban Land Institute senior resident fellow and the ULI/Kingbell Family Chair for Urban Development.

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