Fall Into Allegheny Provides High School Seniors With a College Experience

High school seniors have the opportunity to take an immersive look at a student’s life at Allegheny College on Sunday and Monday, Nov. 5 and 6, eating in the dining halls, following a personalized schedule, and sleeping in residence halls as part of the Fall Into Allegheny event.

The two-day event begins at the 2:30 p.m. check-in on Sunday followed by sessions held in the Henderson Campus Center, including a panel of students and faculty who discuss different aspects of the Allegheny experience, and an Academic Fair with representatives from various academic departments, including the Gateway and the Learning Commons.

From there, each student enjoys their own personalized schedule. They have dinner with an Allegheny student host, and can pick and choose from various fun-filled on-campus events to attend Sunday night. On Monday, they awake and after breakfast in a dining hall, they choose classes to attend that match their interests, and can fill in the gaps with sustainability-themed Green Tours, talk with Financial Aid counselors, and meet with athletic coaches.

For more information and to register, visit http://sites.allegheny.edu/fallintoallegheny/ or call (800) 521-5293.