Allegheny College, Jamestown Community College Sign Transfer Agreement

A new articulation agreement will enhance the transfer of Jamestown Community College graduates into Allegheny College’s environmental science degree program.

The agreement guarantees JCC graduates acceptance, with junior standing, into Allegheny’s highly rated bachelor’s degree program in environmental science. Students must have completed JCC’s environmental science degree and meet a minimum cumulative grade point average requirement to be considered for the program at Allegheny.

Students who complete courses identified in the agreement as part of their associate’s degree should be able to complete the bachelor’s degree in four semesters at Allegheny.

“Allegheny and JCC share a similar passion for our students,” said Ron Cole, provost and dean of Allegheny College. “We are excited for the access to educational opportunities provided with this agreement and to building on this relationship.”

“JCC’s articulation agreement with Allegheny expands the ways in which students can take advantage of the top-notch academic programs available at both institutions,” said Marilyn A. Zagora, JCC’s vice president of academic affairs. “We look forward to helping students make use of this agreement, and we’ll continue to explore ways to further develop our partnership with Allegheny.”
JCC’s environmental science degree is designed to help meet the academic and professional needs of students seeking careers related to environmental science and other disciplines associated with the intersection of nature, human institutions, and scientific study.

“Allegheny’s environmental science department has long been dedicated to teaching students to solve real-world environmental problems,” noted Professor Eric Pallant, department chair. “More than a dozen Allegheny faculty with exceptional breadth and depth in environmental problem-solving work shoulder-to-shoulder with students to make the world more sustainable.”

An overview of the transfer agreement is available at Details on Allegheny College’s environmental science degree can be obtained at