Video: Alum House in Meadville

Heather Fish ’15, Lee Scandinaro ’15, and Autumn Vogel ’15 are just a few of the many Allegheny alumni who have made their home in Meadville after graduation. This video shares their story of getting involved in a community that — as they discovered — also wanted to give back to them.

Their involvements were too many to all fit in the video. Before the project began, we knew they were very active in initiatives all over town. When their interviews were done, we found out they were even more involved than we thought.

In addition to the projects detailed in the video, these three alumni are involved in Grow Meadville, the Crawford Health Improvement Coalition, the Meadville Market House, Meadville Calendar, My Meadville, the Meadville Independent Business Alliance, Women’s Services (a local nonprofit supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence), along with many more organizations.

Fish has been co-facilitating a weekly support meeting at Women’s Services for more than eight years. “Those are my ladies,” she said. “I just love being around them, and they have taught me so much about being a woman in this day and age.”