Allegheny College President Hilary Link Selected to Serve as Association of International Education Administrators Presidential Mentor

Allegheny College President Hilary L. Link
Hilary L. Link, Ph.D.

The Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) has selected Allegheny College President Hilary L. Link, Ph.D., to serve as a 2019–2020 Presidential Mentor in the AIEA Presidential Fellows program.

In this role, Link will be matched with a senior international officer serving in the first three years of a leadership position, providing advice, consultation and guidance on issues of interest. The AIEA Presidential Fellows program affords participants the opportunity to observe how experienced senior international officers and their institutions address international education challenges and solve problems, to learn about national and international issues and how they affect individual campuses, and to become a member of a national network who can serve as a resource beyond the Presidential Fellows program.

Link was selected to participate as a mentee in the Presidential Fellows program during the 2010–2011 academic year, when she was associate provost and dean for international programs at Barnard College. Prior to beginning her tenure as Allegheny’s president in July 2019, Link had served as a dean of Temple University Rome since 2013.

“The mentorship I received through the AIEA Presidential Fellows program has been immensely valuable to my work and development in leadership roles in higher education,” Link said. “I am honored and thrilled to now have the opportunity to show my gratitude by providing assistance and sharing my experiences as a mentor in the program.”

Mentors in the Presidential Fellows program also host a campus visit for their mentees, during which they learn about campus policies and procedures, meet administrators and faculty, and immerse themselves in the day-to-day activities of the institution.

The Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA), a membership organization formed in November 1982, is composed of institutional leaders engaged in advancing the international dimensions of higher education. The purposes of the association are to:

  • Provide an effective voice on significant issues within international education at all levels
  • Improve and promote international education programming and administration within institutions of higher education
  • Establish and maintain a professional network among international education institutional leaders
  • Cooperate in appropriate ways with other national and international groups having similar interests