Allegheny Summer Academy Gives Students a Sampling of College Life

Allegheny College Summer Academy LogoHigh school students can be very curious about what lies ahead for them, especially when it comes to living and studying on a college campus. Well, the opportunity to get a sneak peek at that experience has arrived with the Allegheny College Summer Academy for 2020.

With three new academies to choose from, high school students entering their sophomore, junior or senior year can have some serious fun and also earn college credits. What’s not to like?

Allegheny’s 2020 Summer Academy this year is offering three distinct areas of study: the Creativity and Expression Academy, the Freshwater Academy, and the Science and Innovation Academy. The weeklong sessions will run from July 12 to 17 and July 19 to 24, and students can attend both sessions if they choose.

“It’s all about how we might create an opportunity to get high school students on campus and give them an idea of what college life is like,” said Patrick Jackson, assistant professor of history and religious studies at Allegheny.

Here is a quick look at each of the academies:

Creativity and Expression Academy: You can take mini-courses in subjects like those offered in the past — Diplomacy and Problem Solving, Making Up History, Obnoxiously Large Inflatable Monsters and Shhh, Listen!

Freshwater Academy: This used to be called Creek Camp and is for students who enjoy the natural environment and exploring the outdoors. Students will study freshwater ecology in the streams of northwestern Pennsylvania and then return to campus to experience life in the residence halls.

Science and Innovation Academy: You could investigate subjects like those that have been offered — the Art and Science of Color, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Making “Scents” of Chemistry, and Have Fun With Materials: An Introduction to Materials Properties.

Summer academy students stay in the College’s residence halls on a campus that is one of the most scenic in the nation. There also is plenty of time set aside for career exploration and relaxation, with opportunities such as guest presentations, hiking and swimming.

“We hope that the academy is a recruiting tool, of course, but if we can help more kids just learn what to expect from college, I’ll count that as success, too,” Jackson said.

The Allegheny College Summer Academy welcomes applications from rising sophomores, juniors and seniors with high school graduation years of 2023, 2022 and 2021.

To find out more, visit the Summer Academy website. Or call the Allegheny Admissions Office at (800) 521-5293.