Alumnus Soars in Career as Senior SpaceX Manager

Vincent Werner

SpaceX senior manager Vincent Werner ’06 understands that physics is the basis of everything — foundational knowledge he cultivated at Allegheny College.

After completing his bachelor’s degree, Werner earned a master’s degree from Purdue University in aerospace engineering. Since 2008, Werner’s career has advanced alongside the rocket startup SpaceX.

“Allegheny provided me with strong technical fundamentals and the fortitude to work hard,” says Werner, who majored in physics with a minor in religious studies. “It also instilled a sense of adventure and a desire to explore.”

As senior manager of the Starship Launch engineering, Werner leads a team of engineers who build launch sites and generate resources for the new Starship rocket. 

Werner adds that his religious studies minor provided him with a philosophy to better comprehend and collaborate with others. 

I am fortunate enough to work in a role where I know that my actions have a direct impact on the course of space exploration and the future of humanity,” he says. 

Werner encourages current students to work hard, be good team players, and seize exciting opportunities — even if they seem uncertain.