Allegheny College Mathematics Professor Appointed Editor of Internationally Recognized Mathematics Journal

Tamara Lakins
Tamara Lakins, Ph.D.

For 10 years, Allegheny College Professor of Mathematics Tamara Lakins has used The College Mathematics Journal (CMJ) as a resource to help junior mathematics majors learn mathematics independently by assigning articles for them to read, discuss, and present in class. Now she will play a leadership role as the journal’s editor-elect in 2023 and editor from 2024 to 2028.

The CMJ is an internationally recognized, peer-reviewed journal on undergraduate mathematics published by the Mathematical Association of America. The journal includes academic articles, reviews, and instructional resources for professors.

“I’m looking forward to dedicating my time after retirement to this exciting new phase of my career,” Lakins says. “Serving as editor will allow me to directly have a role in providing undergraduates in our country and around the world with a source of excellent expository mathematical articles.”

Lakins plans to retire following the 2022–2023 academic year after 28 years of service on the Allegheny College faculty. 

As editor-elect and eventual editor, Lakins will be responsible for the journal’s content, from submission to final production. She will also lead a team of associate editors who will help review submissions and address changes before a volume is released. 

“My vision for The CMJ is to dedicate at least one article per issue to mathematics that is more deliberately written for upper-level undergraduate mathematics majors and increase the number of students who regularly read The CMJ,” Lakins says.