Allegheny Graduate Manages $100M Business and Develops Technological Innovations

Kristen Cheman ’04 coaches more than 550 employees, manages a $100 million business, and develops innovations in technology at Logistics Management Institute (LMI), a major consulting firm serving the federal government.

In her work as senior vice president for digital and analytic solutions, she continues to draw on lessons learned from her faculty mentors at Allegheny College. 

Kristen Cheman
Kristen Cheman

“Dr. Caryn Werner and Dr. Tamara Lakins were role models and champions for me; they got me excited about mathematics and what I could do with it,” says Cheman, who majored in mathematics and minored in Spanish. “Their leadership taught me about service and giving back. I carry this forward in my role by empowering and supporting my team.”

During her time at Allegheny, Cheman developed a computer program for an after-school program in Meadville and taught Spanish at a local elementary school during an independent study. 

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree, Cheman earned a master’s degree in applied mathematics from North Carolina State University and a master’s degree in systems engineering through the University of Virginia.

“My math courses at Allegheny built muscle memory in solving problems and applying logical reasoning,” Cheman says. “This prepared me with a general approach I’ve applied to develop signal processing algorithms for submarines and inventory management models for the military, as well as in making business decisions.” 

Cheman also praises Allegheny’s Office of Career Education, especially Jim Fitch, for helping her develop a professional portfolio highlighting her experience, giving her a competitive edge when applying to graduate school and jobs.

Throughout her career, Cheman has worked at the intersection of technology and strategy for government contractors, commercial software, and fintech companies. Some of her previous employers include Capital One, Lockheed Martin, and MathWorks.

Outside of work, Cheman serves on the board of directors for the Northern Virginia chapter of Girls on the Run. The nonprofit organization provides programming that builds confidence and inspires young girls. 

Cheman advises students to explore a variety of avenues in their career search.

“There are so many directions you can take a career in mathematics: academia, engineering, consulting, finance, or computer science,” she says. “Don’t be afraid to try a few options especially through internships at Allegheny  before you settle in one direction.”