Becky Dawson

Professional Title

Assistant Professor


Community Health, Disease Outbreaks, Emerging Infections


B.S., Allegheny College; MPH, Emory University; Ph.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore

Becky Dawson joined the faculty at Allegheny College, her alma mater, in 2013. Before studying at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, Dawson worked at the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) in Washington DC. As the director for Environmental Health Policy at ASTHO, she was responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs, policies, and research focused on children's health and the environment, smart growth/land use planning, food safety, mosquito control, global climate change, and the establishment of the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network. Her research interests include understanding disease risk factors and patterns of disease in human populations.