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Reeck participates in BBC Radio story

Associate Professor of Modern and Classical Languages Laura Reeck Participated in a BBC Radio story on soccer in the French Banlieues. She discussed attitudes toward the Euro 2016 soccer championship in the French banlieues, specifically in the banlieue of Bondy. Here is the link: “This has a backstory shared with my students from last semester

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Hernández Presents Paper on Racism and Homophobia in Film “Bad Hair”

Associate Professor of Spanish Wilfredo Hernández attended the XVII International Congress of Hispanic Literature held in Mérida, Mexico, March 9-11. He presented “Racism and Homophobia in Mariana Rondón’s Bad Hair.” Bad Hair is a Venezuelan film that received the main prize at the 2013 San Sebastian International Film Festival. Professor Hernández was also the moderator

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Herrman Awarded Visiting Fellowship at University College, Oxford

Judson Herrman, associate professor of classical studies and Frank T. McClure Chair of Greek and Latin, has been awarded a visiting fellowship at University College, Oxford, for the Hilary Term (January-March) 2017. These fellowships recognize “distinguished external scholars” who can contribute to the academic community in Oxford and benefit from its resources. While in residence

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Reeck Contributes Three Translations to Anthology

Associate Professor of French Laura Reeck contributed three translations to Souffles-Anfas: A Critical Anthology from the Moroccan Journal of Culture and Politics (eds. Harrison and Villa-Ignacio, Stanford UP). Souffles was a leading anticolonialist Marxist journal whose publication spanned 1966-72. Professor Reeck translated “Interview with Ousmane Sembène”; “The World Festival of Negro Arts, or the Nostalgics

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Humanities Research Opens Students’ – and Professor’s – Eyes

Catherine LeBlanc and Leah Thirkill spent last summer reading Victor Hugo’s Notre-Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). Although you may picture them sitting by the beach leisurely paging through the novel, the scene and purpose for their reading was much different. Instead, the students were on campus conducting humanities research alongside Briana Lewis,

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Herrman Invited for Residency at Fondation Hardt pour l’Étude de l’Antiquité Classique

Associate Professor of Classical Studies Judson Herrman has been invited for a two-week residency in June at the Fondation Hardt pour l’Étude de l’Antiquité Classique in Vandœuvres-Genève, Switzerland, where he will work on his book manuscript, “Demosthenes: Selected Public Speeches,” under contract with Cambridge University Press.

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Department Close-up: Modern and Classical Languages

When students choose majors like chemistry, computer science or music, their path to a related profession can be fairly straightforward. But what about students who study the language arts? We sat down with five seniors who soon will graduate with majors or minors from the Modern and Classical Languages Department. The students are: Emma Brooker

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