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Lakins publishes textbook

The textbook “The Tools of Mathematical Reasoning”, by Professor of Mathematics Tamara Lakins, has been published by the American Mathematical Society in the AMS Pure and Applied Undergraduate Texts series. As noted on the AMS bookstore website, books published in this series “are characterized by excellent exposition and maintain the highest standards of scholarship”.

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Seniors Kelly Pohland and Yukihide Nakada to Publish Their Research

During summer 2015, Kelly Pohland ’16 and Yukihide Nakada ’16 worked on a research project under the direction of Assistant Professor of Mathematics Craig Dodge and Professor of Mathematics Harald Ellers. Their work provided insightful contributions to classifying the simple modules of the centralizer algebra for the Symmetric groups. During fall 2015 they submitted their

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Grants provide opportunities for math scholar

Mathematics is more than a scramble of numbers for Yukihide “Yuki” Nakada, a senior who is a double major in mathematics and philosophy/religious studies. It’s what makes the world go ’round for him. “This organic feeling that there is a symmetry and simplicity that everything is related is just a wonderful thing about mathematics, which sets

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Three Allegheny Students Compete in Putnam Competition

Kelly Pohland ’16, Kyle Donnelly ’17, and Allison Ganger ’18 competed in the Putnam competition, a six-hour exam consisting of 12 extremely difficult mathematics questions, in December 2014. The students worked to prepare for the exam through weekly practice sessions overseen by Assistant Professor of Mathematics Craig Dodge. The exam attracts the best and brightest

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Allegheny College Senior Erin Brown Receives Honors from National Science Foundation and Stanford University

April 9, 2015 – The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Allegheny College senior Erin Brown an honorable mention in the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, which provides fellowships to individuals selected early in their graduate careers based on their demonstrated potential for significant achievements in science and engineering. Additionally, Brown, a physics and

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Headed to Stanford

Faculty mentorship, research and fellowships help prepare Allegheny senior for the next chapter With not one but TWO senior comps to finish (one in physics and one in math) before becoming an official member of the Bicentennial graduating class, one would think Erin Brown had enough on her mind at the end of the semester.

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Come One, Come All

By Heather Grubbs and Nahla Bendefaa ’16   Everyone loves a home-cooked meal. But when you’re away at college, enjoying grandma’s homemade lasagna is often a sacrifice one must make. Or is it? One student-organized group is aiming to change that. The Food Co-op began two years ago as part of Class of 2014 graduate

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