Apply To An Allegheny Sponsored Program

Apply To Study Off-Campus Independently


Important Dates for Applying for Study Away

February 20: Application due to study abroad for fall semester.

September 20: Application due to study away for the spring semester.

Approximately March 1/October 1: approvals and denials will be sent out via email. Admissions decisions are final. If approved to study off campus through an Allegheny Sponsored Program, students must attend two pre-departure meetings.


Applying to an Allegheny Sponsored Program

The following information will help you when applying to Allegheny-sponsored program. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 is required for approval into any sponsored off campus study program.

  • Financial Aid and Costs: On Allegheny-sponsored programs, all of your financial aid (with the exception of work study and tuition exchange scholarships) will be applied to program costs. The standard cost for all programs is Allegheny tuition and a $300 off-campus study fee. Room and board (at Allegheny rates) may be charged, depending on the program arrangements.
  • Credit/courses: The courses on Allegheny-sponsored programs can be used to fulfill graduation requirements, including major or minor requirements, distribution requirements or elective credit. The program webpages list the Allegheny equivalencies to most of the courses offered.  Check the program descriptions for more information.
  • Final approval to participate in the program. Please note that academic and disciplinary records will continue to be reviewed until students depart for the program.

To Study Off-Campus Independently

  • You must still be approved by Allegheny to study off campus independently – your approval must be for a specific program not several different programs.
  • Financial Aid and Costs: For some independent programs your federal and/or state aid may be applied to program costs, but not Allegheny aid. Allegheny will only charge you  the $800 off-campus study fee. You pay any program costs directly to your program provider.
  • Once you have been approved for a particular program, the International Education Office will work with you to determine how the courses off-campus will transfer (i.e., the number of credits per course) and what graduation requirements they can fulfill. Grades from the program will not count toward your Allegheny GPA. Transcripts for independent programs must be received from an accredited institution. Please check with the International Education Office to confirm whether or not your program is accredited. You must earn a C or higher to be awarded transfer credit at Allegheny.

To discuss study away, please make an appointment with Lenee McCandless here or Lucinda Morgan here

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