Handbook for National and International Study Programs


We are delighted that you are able to follow this exciting path for next semester. You will learn new ways to approach your academic subjects, as you will have the opportunity to take advantage of courses and resources not available at Allegheny. Those of you going abroad will learn about the country and culture to which you are going. Those of you staying within the U.S. will enhance your knowledge and skills through experiential learning. You will, most certainly, learn to look at American values differently. Most importantly, perhaps, you will learn about yourself. Nothing about your college years will change you more than this. We hear over and over from our alumni that this was the most important time of their college years. Therefore, it is worth investing yourself fully in the experience. This opportunity proves the old adage that you will get out of it what you put into it, in terms of time and effort.

It begins with orientation. Prepare yourself as fully as possible for your time away. The materials here and those you will receive in the coming weeks are packed with information that you need and that can help you maximize your experience. Read them and use them. The orientation sessions that we will ask you to attend will build on these materials. Talk to returned students. Surf the web.

Your investment continues while you are abroad. We urge you to be active leaders; don’t sit back passively and let the experience come to you. We urge you to reflect on your experiences; think often about what you are experiencing and what it might mean. Be mindful.

Your learning will not be over when you board the airplane and return to dear old Allegheny College. Because you will have changed, you will see the old place through new eyes. The requires that you continue to learn and evaluate. Our society desperately needs informed citizens who know about the world and the U.S. – those who are willing to participate in the democratic process. We hope, then, that America, not just you, will benefit from your off-campus experience. Go out and learn. Come back ready to write that letter to the editor, to plant that garden, to read to those kids, to go to grad school, to call your congressman, to vote, to make your opinions known. In other words, come back ready to save this country and the world! We need nothing less. We’ve selected you as a participant because we know you have these abilities.


Table of Contents

Section One

  • Academic Information with International & National Off-Campus Study Programs
  • Changes of Enrollment
  • Withdrawing From Your Study Abroad Program
  • Posting of Credit
  • Registration At Allegheny
  • Pre-Departure Orientation

Section Two

  • Preparing to go
  • Passport and Visa
  • Visa Information Listed By Country
  • Packing
  • Adjusting to Life Abroad
  • Special Notes On Cultural Differences
  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Reentry Adjustment

Section Three

  • Health and Medical Matters
  • A Safe Trip Abroad
  • What To Bring
  • What To Leave Behind
  • Before You Go
  • What to Learn Before You Go
  • Precautions of Traveling

Section Four

  • Money Matters
  • Keeping In Touch
  • Travel Notes
  • Useful Website
  • Travel Warning On Drugs Abroad
  • Pre-Departure Check-List
  • Packing
  • Packing Check-List

Updated on 12/9/2016*

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