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Academic Information for International and National Study Programs


Semester- and year-long: Allegheny College sponsors semester- and year-long programs in Argentina, Australia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Senegal, Spain, and the United States. The courses on these programs can be used to fulfill graduation requirements, major or minor
requirements, distribution requirements, or elective credit. The program fliers (available at International Programs and Services or online at list the Allegheny equivalencies to all or most of the courses offered. On some programs, the grades earned off-campus will factor into your Allegheny GPA; on others, the grades will not. Check the program descriptions under the link “Academics/Courses” to determine how grades will transfer. Students are expected to enroll at the foreign university in the equivalent of 12 to 16 credit hours per semester; on some programs, students may earn more than 16 credits per semester (e.g., Lancaster, Angers, Querétaro).


Semester- and year-long: Independent programs are those that have not been approved for sponsorship by Allegheny. In most cases, academic credit is awarded through a credit-bearing institution, and Allegheny College accepts it as transfer credit. Once you have been approved for a particular program, you will work with your academic advisor and department chair(s) to determine how the courses will transfer and what graduation requirements they can fulfill. Grades from an independent program will not be factored into your Allegheny GPA, and only courses in which you earn a “C” or above will transfer to Allegheny College.


All students on Allegheny-sponsored and independent programs are required to attend at least three pre-departure orientation meetings, which will be held the semester before you depart. Pre-departure meetings will combine logistical information with intercultural programming in preparation for your time off-campus; the meetings are an essential part of a successful experience. See the separate check-sheet for dates and locations. The pre-departure and reentry meetings are part of a course that students on Allegheny-sponsored programs will be enrolled in. The course is entitled EXL 300 Cross-Cultural Learning: Theory and Practice. It is a required one-credit course that will be given a letter grade that includes attendance at all pre-departure orientations, on-site guided blogging, and re-entry requirements (e.g., meetings, readings for all meetings, and final paper and photo poster presentation upon return to Allegheny). You will be enrolled in the course by Registrar upon your return to campus when the final grade is turned in. The course will be posted on your transcript along with the credits from the off-campus program. ONLY STUDENTS ON ALLEGHENY SPONSORED PROGRAMS WILL EARN THIS CREDIT.


Once you are on-site, if your program offers a choice of courses, and if you would like to change a class once you are overseas, consult your program director/international student advisor to determine the procedure.

If the course(s) and its Allegheny equivalent(s) are listed on the program flier, the course has been pre-approved and will transfer as noted. If it is not listed on the flier, you will need to obtain department approval in order to receive credit for the course.

Departmental course approval:

  • While on the program: Contact EITHER the IO the Allegheny department chair and the academic advisor prior to making a change (use email to retain a written record). Send a course description or a web link to the chair so they can determine how the course will transfer to Allegheny. Forward any response to the International Office so we can have it on record when your transcript is sent to us at the end of the program. It is your responsibility to stay informed about the effect of course changes on your academic program and graduation requirements. If you are unable to contact the chair, contact the Director of International Programs and Services
  • After the program: Bring back all course information (e.g., syllabus, papers, coursework) in order for the department chair to review it once you return home. Approval may be obtained after you return to Allegheny, but credit is not guaranteed.



Not all program grades will factor into your Allegheny GPA.

Programs where you earn Allegheny credit (all grades are factored into your GPA) are Duke, Cologne, Woods Hole and SFS-Costa Rica.

Programs where the courses you take are considered transfer credit, and only courses in which you earn “C” or above will transfer, and those grades ARE factored into your Allegheny GPA include Boston University Paris Internship and Arava Institute.

Programs where courses are considered transfer credit and the grades are NOT factored into your Allegheny GPA include but are not limited to: UCO (Angers) Exchange, Seville, Washington Semester (American University), Lancaster, James Cook University, CIEE Costa Rica, ITESM Querétaro, MSID (Ecuador, Kenya, Senegal),  and all independent programs. You must earn C or above in order for the credit to transfer;these classes are NOT taken C/NC! – Even if the grades don’t transfer to Allegheny, they will be factored into your overall Allegheny GPA when you apply to graduate school, or for scholarships or other awards!!

Transcript Requests – The credit you earn on the program will not be posted until Allegheny receives your transcripts from your program sponsor and all the Allegheny equivalencies have been determined.

Make sure that your transcripts are sent to this address:

Allegheny College Registrar’s Office
Box 41
520 North Main Street
Meadville, PA USA 16335-3902

In the event that your transcript from your host institution is delayed, you should verify that the delay in recording your grades would not cause problems in the following areas upon your return to Allegheny:

a) registration for classes for the semester of your return)
b) disbursal of scholarships, loans, or grants
c) any insurance-related processes
d) any other procedure related to the completion of your semester overseas.
If you find that you are encountering problems with any of the above-mentioned issues, the International Office can verify by letter that you were on an off-campus study program (Allegheny-sponsored or independent) and explain why the recording of your grade at Allegheny is delayed.



For the semester you will be off-campus: We strongly recommend that you register for (spring/fall) classes at Allegheny during the pre-registration period. The Registrar’s Office will drop you from these classes at the beginning of the semester, after confirming that you are indeed still participating in off-campus study.

For the semester after you return: The Registrar’s Office will assist you in registering for courses for the semester of your return. If you have any questions you may contact the Registrar’s Office at 814-332-2357 or you may email Pam Shreve at The Registrar’s Office address is as follows:
Allegheny College
Registrar’s Office
Box 41
520 N. Main Street
Meadville, PA 16335

The fastest and most efficient way to pre-register for courses is to use Option 1 (WebAdvisor). If you will not have access to the internet please notify the Registrar with your on-site address and use Option 2.

OPTION 1-WebAdvisor

  1. REMEMBER to take your Personal Identification Number (PIN) with you.
    We are not able to give our your PIN via phone or email due to privacy issues, so it is very important that you have your pin number with you! You can stop by the Registrar’s Office with your photo ID before you leave to obtain your PIN.
  2. The Registrar’s Office will send you an email regarding pre-registrations dates and instructions for web advisor Before registering you will need to view my class schedule for the upcoming semester (pull down menu). It will list your class status, registration letter, and whether you have advisor approval to register. If you have not obtained your advisor approval please email them at this time to request it -s/he will need to note their approval electronically before you can register. If you feel your class status, or random letter is incorrect please contact Pam Shreve via email with your questions at
  3. View course selections via web advisor – use pull-down menus to select the correct semester. Please note that if a course requires a signature or if the course is restricted to a class status that you currently do not have, you WILL NOT be able to register for it online. You may email Pam Shreve with the signature or restricted course(s) you wish to enroll in and she will contact the instructors asking for their approvals. Once she has received the approvals she will register you for the course(s) and then email you a confirmation saying it is completed.
  4. Please note you may only pre-register for a total of 18 credits. You may add more credits during the Add period at the beginning of the semester.
  5. Registration Order, Courses that will meet Natural Science Lab requirements, Late Breaking News, the academic calendar, and all pre-registration rules, regulations and procedures may be found at Office of the Registrar.
  6. Please register during, or after, your random letter time slot. Please note that these times (usually at 7:30am and 1:00pm) are EST zone. You will need to follow the Eastern Time Zone in order to register. You may register any time after your random letter time slot, but not before. It is best to register on the day you are scheduled.

OPTION 2 – Mailing of Registration Card

  1. If you do not have access to the Internet or if you have not taken your PIN with you, as soon as you arrive on-site please send either the International Office or the Registrar’s Office your snail mail address.
  2. Before pre-registration begins, the Registrar’s Office will mail you a registration card, semester course selection guide, and a “self-address” envelope.
  3. You need to fill out the registration card with your course selection, please include as many alternatives as you can. Courses tend to fill up quickly and to ensure that you obtain a full course load alternatives are a must.
  4. Mail the registration card to our office; once we receive the registration card we (the Registrar’s Office) will contact your Advisor for approval as well as the Instructors for any signature course(s) on your behalf.
  5. We will process your registration card on the appropriate day and time of your registration. Please note you may only pre-register for a total of 18 credits.
  6. The only confirmation you will receive regarding which courses you are registered for is your class schedule, which will be in your campus mailbox at the beginning of the next semester. You may view your schedule on web advisor during the semester break, after you return from your abroad program
  7. Please remember that there will be an Add / Drop period at the beginning of next semester in which you may change or add more courses.


  • If you know you will be on break and traveling during Allegheny’s registration period, you will still be able to access the schedule online at local cybercafes or other internet access points. Make sure you know how to access WebAdvisor before you leave!
  • IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ACCESS THE WEB: In order to send you the registration packets, we must have your correct mailing address as soon as you get on-site. If you do not contact us with your correct mailing address and information on whether or not you will have an email address and viable Internet access, WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR SENDING YOU REGISTRATION INFORMATION.



Should you withdraw from the program after you have returned your completed application, you must notify International Programs and Services in writing. Please do not anticipate that notifying any other office or person (on campus or off-campus) implies that International Programs and services has been informed. Prior to departure, you will be asked to sign a release form indicating that you have read and understood the following:

Your participation may be interrupted voluntarily (e.g., you decide you don’t like the program) or involuntarily(e.g., Allegheny cancels the program due to a crisis). Allegheny will respond differently in each case, depending on the timing and reason. If the interruption occurs after the Allegheny semester has started, we will do our best to place you in classes at Allegheny. There is no guarantee that you will be enrolled in your desired classes. The further we are into the semester, the more difficult it may be to place you, and it may be that you will not be able to return to classes at Allegheny. Should Allegheny cancel the program after the semester has begun, and it is impossible for you to enroll in classes, we will do our best to facilitate independent study credit (no more than 8 hours) for that semester. Refund of program fees is not guaranteed; it depends on the timing and reason for program interruption and is dependent on any refund we may obtain from the program provider or host institution.



Students on Allegheny-sponsored and independent programs are required to attend three pre-departure orientation meetings, which will be held the semester before you depart. Pre-departure meetings will combine logistical information with intercultural programming in preparation for your time off-campus and are an essential part of a successful experience.

EXL 300: Students on Allegheny-sponsored programs will be enrolled in EXL 300 Off-Campus Study, a one credit Liberal Studies course that includes attendance at the pre-departure orientations and re-entry requirements (attendance, readings, and final project upon return to Allegheny). This is a on credit, graded course which will be posted on your transcript along with the credits from the off-campus program. ONLY STUDENTS ON ALLEGHENY SPONSORED PROGRAMS WILL EARN THIS CREDIT AND GRADE.

This course provides a grounding in cross-cultural learning and communication, and guidelines for reflection on experiential learning. That is, it provides a framework for you to explore the dimensions of your time off-campus: difference and similarities among people, lifestyles, learning styles and even knowledge itself.

At the first meeting, you will receive important forms that must be completed and returned to the International Office prior to your departure. These include the following:


    The purpose of the Academic Credit Review Form is to clarify how off-campus courses will fulfill your Allegheny graduation requirements. Many of the programs have courses with pre-approved equivalencies (see individual program fliers). The programs may also offer a range of courses which have not yet been reviewed, but you can still enroll in them. Review these courses with your advisor and/or appropriate department chair in order to determine how they will transfer to Allegheny or whether they can fulfill any of your Allegheny degree requirements.

    *** Make sure you list only ONE Allegheny equivalency for the course so that we know how to transfer the course to your Allegheny transcript.


    The Insurance and Health Information Form requests details regarding health insurance coverage, and voluntary disclosure of existing medical conditions. In addition, your signature allows us to release information about you in case of emergency or other exigent circumstances.


    Students on international programs should be registered with the U.S. Consulate that has jurisdiction over the city/location of the program. Registration is strongly recommended so you will be able to obtain updated information on travel and security within the country. Registration may happen in more than one way:
    a. The program may register you (e.g., Paris, Seville, Ecuador, India, Kenya, Senegal, Costa Rica)
    b. You MUST register yourself at (e.g., Lancaster, Angers, Townsville, China).

    Please provide us with your passport information and 2 passport sized photographs for our information in case of emergency (any type of photo is fine (digital, cell phone, print, etc., as long as the IO agrees it looks like you).


    The Participation Agreement insures that you (the Allegheny student) understand that Allegheny College takes your health and safety while off campus very seriously. At the same time, you must also take responsibility for your well being while participating in an off-campus program. Please read the document carefully and indicate your understanding and acceptance of the terms and guidelines by signing. If you are in doubt about any of the terms, please contact the Director of International Programs and Services before signing the form.


    The two signature forms ask you to make appointments with both the Financial Aid Office and Student Accounts in order to discuss your financial status as an off-campus study participant. These meetings are very important, whether you are on a sponsored or independent program, since in either case your fee payment and financial aid disbursement will be affected. In addition, please be sure to make sure your fee payments to the College are up-to-date, as an outstanding balance can prevent your participation in an off-campus study program.

    *If you do not receive financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, etc.), you do not have to obtain a signature from Financial Aid, but you still must obtain the clearance signature from Student Accounts.


    The Release Form requires your signature in order to verify your understanding of, and agreement with, a number of issues. These include the faxing of certain documents, medical and other liability statements, withdrawal information, and release of contact information to Allegheny College offices and to students interesting in attending the program in the future.


    Independent students are asked to complete a Contact Information Form as soon as the details of their program are available. It is especially important in the event that the International Office or any other department at the College needs to reach you during the semester.