New York City, New York

New York Arts Program


The vast cultural resources of New York City are well-known and the benefits derived from daily access to these resources are self-evident. Less familiar is the milieu of the large urban setting of the professional artist—that mix of people, places, and events which constitute the artists’ environment, world, and immediate audience. The New York Arts Program is located in Chelsea close by to famous landmarks like the Chelsea Market, Chelsea Piers and Madison Square Garden. This Manhattan neighborhood is in the process of making its transition from a predominantly industrial area to one where living, shopping, eating and entertainment take center stage. It’s located just to the north of the meat packing district, from 14th to 34th Streets, between 5th Avenue and the Hudson River. The old world charm of elegantly restored pre-war brownstones, wrought-iron railings, and oak entries, can still be found. Chelsea was formerly known as the Flower District.

The Program

The program has two main goals: to provide advanced experience and knowledge in highly focused arts areas (primarily through the apprenticeships) and to provide a broadened knowledge of all the arts as practiced in New York through the Area Studies. The means of achieving these goals are adapted to the individual participants. It is a unique combination of seminars and internships based on the Visual, Performing, and Media Arts.

A qualified student will spend a semester or term which will be 15 weeks in the Fall or Spring (16 credits/semester) living in New York as an apprentice to a producing artist or with an organization in the arts. At the same time, students participate in a specially designed program of area studies conducted by professionals including New York Arts academic faculty, in various areas of the arts.


The program is open to juniors or seniors from all academic majors. This program is designed to provide those students seriously interested in the performing, visual, and media arts with an opportunity to experience the world of the established professional artist or organization in New York City. Participation is limited to 1-2 students per year. Applicants must be nominated by an advisor from one of the following departments Art, Communication Arts, Dance and Movement Studies, and Music.

Application Process

Allegheny students must first be approved to study off-campus before applying to their chosen program. Application deadlines are February 20 for fall programs and September 20 for spring programs. Applications will be reviewed immediately following the appropriate semester deadline. For more information about the off campus study application process, please visit:

Student Life

While studying in New York City, students can live in the Educational Housing Services(EHS) facilities in the New Yorker Hotel. The New Yorker provides students dorm rooms with private full bathrooms and a range of key amenities, including elevator access, a private gym, practice and study rooms, recreation space, 24 hour monitored security. Students will also be in a larger community of students from all over the country and the world attending NYC colleges.


Students are charged Allegheny tuition, fees (including $300 off-campus fee) and a NV 1 room rate (if living in onsite housing in NY) .  Program housing is optional and so students have the flexibility of living onsite or in offsite housing throughout the city. If you choose to live offsite, you will not be billed for housing by Allegheny but will be responsible for paying those fees independent of your Allegheny charges.  Additional costs include transportation to New York City, local transportation to and from your internship sites, all meals, personal expenses, health insurance where necessary.