Academic Life

Not sure what you want to study? Or already have a major in mind? Either way, it’s OK! Our faculty and staff are here to empower, guide, and support you in preparing for your future.

What makes an Allegheny education special is the combination of classes that will take you from the first day of your first semester to the last day of your last semester — our seminar sequence.

It begins with two first-year seminars, continues with a sophomore and a junior seminar, and concludes with the Senior Comprehensive Project (a significant piece of independent study, research, or creative work).

You’ll also complete a major, a minor, and a set of distribution requirements providing educational depth and intellectual breadth.

It’s an exciting and challenging journey — and advisors will be there at every step to help you along the way. You’ll learn more about academic life during your summer orientation. We’ll see you there!

An Allegheny education is designed to help you:

Think critically and creatively

Communicate clearly and persuasively as a speaker and writer

Apply your knowledge to analyze and solve problems, and to learn to engage in informed debate

Invoke multiple ways of understanding to organize and evaluate evidence, and to interpret and make sense of your experiences and the experiences of others

These are abilities that employers and graduate schools seek — and that society needs.