Choosing Classes and Advising

First-Year Course Registration is an opportunity for new students to talk to a faculty member or administrator about the registration process, including discussing interests and selecting classes.

The Learning Commons and the Registrar’s Office will coordinate First Year Course Registration July 16–27.

This process will be completed through telephone conversations. Students will receive a personalized email on July 6 with a specific day and time for their First-Year Course Registration appointment. To prepare for your appointment, there are important actions you need to complete.

Action 1:
Make sure we have your final high school transcript and transcripts for any prior college coursework (including AP credit).

Action 2:
Complete your Educational Planning and Course Interest Form located on the “Important Forms” section of the Allegheny Bound website.

Action 3:
Complete the placement exams for:

  • Mathematics (Required for first-year students) Transfer students must complete the placement exams for math if you do not have transfer credit in those areas, but you do have previous experience.
  • Foreign Languages (optional)
  • Music (optional)

Please note: mathematics, foreign language, and music placement tests must be completed prior to your summer course registration appointment.

Action 4:
On July 6, you’ll receive an email at your Allegheny email address with your appointment time to speak with your entrance advisor during the first-year registration period: July 16–27.

Action 5:
Search for open course sections for the Fall 2018 semester on WebAdvisor.

Get to Know Our Student Portal

Students will need to be able to access WebAdvisor (Allegheny’s online student portal) to complete the registration process. Please be sure that you are able to access and navigate WebAdvisor during the appointment with your entrance advisor. For more information about searching and registering for courses via WebAdvisor, please watch this video.

If you’re interested in the health professions, please review these guidelines for course selection.

If you have any questions about registering for Fall 2018 courses, please contact the Learning Commons at (814) 332-2898 or