Frequently Asked Questions

Who to Contact…Most Popular Resources – FAQ’s

  • How do I mail something to my student?

      • Please use the following information to send mail or packages to your student:
        Name of Student
        Allegheny College
        Student’s Box #
        520 N. Main Street Meadville, PA 16335
  • What happens if my first-year student has an issue or concern with their residence hall room?

    • Your student should let their RA know so that they can submit a work order on behalf of them.
  • Who should my student reach out to if they are facing difficulty in a course?

    • Students should first seek advice from their professor.  Secondly, evaluating their study techniques and habits can be helpful.
  • How does my first-year student register for classes?

    • First-year students will register for classes on their designated first-year course registration date. It is important that students register for their Gator Gear-Up date and fill out the information.
  • Can I talk to someone about my student?

    • Unless a specific release has been given by the student, anything related to a student’s academic records, admissions, financial aid, billing, registration, and academic performance may not be released due to the policy on the privacy of student records (FERPA)
  • Who can my student go to if they are homesick or if they are struggling outside the classroom?

    • Having a good support system is an integral part of being away from home, oftentimes for the first time, for an extended period of time. A great resource is for your student to reach out to their Class Dean as they help students by establishing a one-on-one relationship with them. In addition, they are able to assist your student by facilitating access to both academic and non-academic support resources.
  • Should my student purchase a printer for their residence room to use while at Allegheny?

    • While your student is welcome to bring their own printer, it is not necessary for them to bring their own as they are able to print from their personal computer/devices to four Release Printers around campus:
      1. Bio/Steffee Computer Lab
      2. Brooks Hall Blue Lounge
      3. Campus Center
      4. Pelletier Library Students receive print points at the start of each semester, which will roll over to the following semester if they aren’t used. Your student can find more information about their print points, how they are deducted, tips on conserving their points, and how to purchase more prints here.