Set up Allegheny Email and WebAdvisor Accounts

We send important updates to your Allegheny email and post time-sensitive online information to your WebAdvisor accounts. Be sure to check both accounts regularly, and keep your personal student information in a convenient place.

  1. To get you started, you’ll find your Allegheny student ID, email address, username, and password on your cover letter that was mailed with the Allegheny Bound booklet.
  2. Go to to access your email and WebAdvisor accounts.
  3. Click on the “Email” to log in with the username (with and password on your cover letter.
  4. Click on the “WebAdvisor” icon and log in with the username (without and the password on your cover letter.
  5. Once you successfully log in, we recommend that you change your password on the Information Technology Services (ITS) site.

    Please note: If you lose this information, we cannot provide it to you by phone or email. The personal student information on your cover letter can be re-sent to you only by mail.