Pathway to Civility:

National Conference of College Leaders

May 15-16, 2012 — Allegheny College

95% of Americans say civility is important for our democracy.

87% say it’s possible to disagree respectfully.

63% of Americans say civility has gotten worse in the past few years.

We can be passionate and partisan about what we believe, but today we need to restore respect in the political process. College students can lead the way in establishing a template for civility for future generations of leaders.  Join us for Pathway to Civility 2012, hosted by the Center for Political Participation at Allegheny College.

This conference is designed to enhance respectful political dialogue on college and university campuses, and to help student leaders understand the importance of civil political engagement. More than 200 campus student leaders have been invited to Allegheny for this novel three-day event.  They will participate with a host of activities designed to broaden perspectives regarding political activism and compromise.  They will hear from recognized political figures, high-profile journalists, and leading scholars.  They also will have the opportunity to socialize with peers from across the nation and from across the “partisan divide.”

See what Pathway to Civility 2012 has to offer! Look through the Civility Survey site (on the right) to see where we got the idea to bring college students (future leaders) together to address increasingly rancorous public discourse. And check out the Details page for more information about the conference.

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