Conference Details

The Center for Political Participation (CPP) at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pa., is hosting Pathway to Civility: A National Conference of College Leaders, May 15-16, 2012.

This conference is designed to enhance respectful political dialogue on college and university campuses, and to help student leaders understand the importance of civil political engagement. Students will participate in a host of activities designed to broaden perspectives regarding political activism and compromise and hear from recognized political figures, high-profile journalists, and leading scholars. They also will have the opportunity to socialize with peers from across the nation and from across the “partisan divide.”


There is no fee to participate in the conference, and a shared dorm room will be provided free of charge. In addition, three breakfasts, three lunches and two dinners will be covered by the conference hosts, Allegheny College and the Center for Political Participation. Students are on their own for meals May 14, the day before the conference begins. Please bring your own pillow; other bedding will be provided.

You are responsible for finding and paying for transportation to and from Meadville. Some students pay out of pocket, but most are able to get funding from their college or university, specifically from their college dean’s office, Student Activities, or student government. Contact those offices on your campus to inquire about transportation funding. In rare cases, the Center for Political Participation may be able to cover your transportation costs if extenuating circumstances exist. (See Travel Stipends below.) The Center also is able to pick up a group of students at Pittsburgh International Airport and Erie’s Tom Ridge Field.  Please contact Program Director Mary Solberg for more information.

Travel Stipends

The Center for Political Participation, in association with Bringing Theory to Practice, a national initiative in partnership with the Association of American Colleges and Universities, is excited to offer travel stipends to students who want to come to the conference but have been unable to secure funding from their colleges/universities. Please contact to discuss this possibility.


You can find driving directions, area accommodations, local restaurants and much more on our Visitor’s Center website! The Center for Political Participation will provide accommodations to faculty/staff advisors, either in the dormitory or local bed and breakfasts.