Pathway to Civility 2010

Here is what we lined up for the first Pathway to Civility conference in 2010. You can expect the 2012 event to be bigger and better!  We still are waiting to confirm the final schedule of speakers, lecturers and workshops, so it will be posted as soon as possible. Look for news in the near future!

In the meantime, take a look at what took place in 2010:

  • Keynote speech by U.S. Congresswoman Kathy Dahlkemper, 3rdLegislative District, Pennsylvania.
  • Examination of the results of the Center for Political Participation’s latest national poll on civility and politics by CPP Director Daniel M. Shea, Ph.D., a noted author and expert on civility and politics.
  • Compromise workshop led by Peter Hwosch of the Transpartisan Alliance, who was the lead documentarian of the 2007 “Reuniting America” film featuring former Vice President Al Gore.
  • Boat cruise/dinner at nearby Conneaut Lake.
  • Students attended from: Allegheny College, Louisiana State University, Catholic University, Central Michigan University, Macalester University, Chatham University, Hiram College, Indiana University – Purdue University, Slippery Rock University, SUNY Fredonia, Thiel College, California University of Pennsylvania, Winthrop University and the University of Florida
  • Drafting of a template to guide mediation between the political parties (see below).

“Ten Tips to Improve Civility”

  1. Listen to opposing views.
  2. Seek shared values.
  3. Acknowledge the legitimacy of opposing positions.
  4. Identify the problem at-hand, focusing on it rather than on larger conflicts.
  5. Avoid political caricatures, labels and generalizations that may not truly represent the views of your adversaries.
  6. Accept that disagreement will exist without giving up your own convictions.
  7. Clarify what is being said before attacking and/or responding.
  8. Recognize the value of solutions beyond those offered by traditional party platforms.
  9. Consider the consequences of what you say and do.
  10. Hold yourself personally accountable for your own political actions.

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Pathway to Civility 2010 Video Highlights