Spring 2013 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Burke, Christopher  Successful Mechanisms for Policy Adoption & Diffusion in Local and State Governments in the Realm of Public Health Policy: to Address the Obesity Epidemic

Cappeliazzo, Natalie  The Implications of Resourc Wealth for Human Development Outcomes

Caruso III, Joseph  Transient Identities: Challenging Binary Social Constructs

Ezzo, Kayli  You Like It. Then You Shouldn’t Put a Ring on it: Legal Approaches to Gay Rights Advocacy and Why They Matter

Gill, Meghan  What Leads a State to Adopt Drug Possession Sentencing Guidelines and What Explains How Stringent the Guidelines are Once Adopted?

Harrington, Gabrielle The Impact of Strategic Litigation, as Employed by ERRC Cause Lawyers on the Roma

Holt, Michelle Enhancing Economic Growth Measures in Declining Rural Municipalaties by Reforming Public Policy Regarding Capital and Infrastructure, with a Focus on Business Incentive and Education Reform

Kirkwood, Justin Strict Photo vs. Strict Non-Photo: How Certain Types of Voter Identification Laws Affect Voter Turnout and Behaviou

Lasko, Joseph Conditions and Executive Strategies for Enacting Federal Education Policy

Mancine, Stephanie  Extending the Scope of Article 2: The Impact of Privatization on the Expansion of Executive Power and National Security Policy

McCaughey, Colleen   From Chorus Girl to Leading Lady: A Political Actor’s Journey Through American Musical Theatre (Dbl Major-Political Science/Theatre)

McHugh, Katie   William F. Buckley Jr. and the New Right: American Conservatism’s Struggle to Stand Athwart History

Millington, Nicholas  Fear, Gain, and High-Mindedness: A Study of the Influence of Indian-White Conflict on White America

Northwood, Stephanie  How Do Institutional Arrangements of How Health Care if Provided Impact Heath Care Outcomes? A Comparative Analysis of the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom

Palmason, Erik  First Mover Advantage and Expected Utility Theory: United States Foresight Prior to the IMF Restructuring of South Korea During the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

Patterson Jr, Robert  Korean Reunification-The Dream of a People, the Nightmare of a Nation: A Framework for the Korea Question Given the Motives and Actions of the DPRK

Rauch, Grant  Strong Democracy, Civil Community and the Revitalization of Citizenship

Roveda, Paul  The 2008 Mumbai Bombings and Attacks; An Analysis of How the Indian Government Failed to Execute the Intelligence Cycle

Sproveri, Alex  A Model for the Legislative Access of the Oil and Gas Industry

Stancombe, Nathan  Comparing the Effectiveness of Indiscriminate and Discriminate Violence During Civil War Against Civilian Populations

Thorn, Laura  Not Really a Refugee: A Constructivis Perspective on Changing Forced Migration Norms

Werley, Timothy  Congressional Reversal of Supreme Court Judicial Review Decisions Through Article V