Fall 2005/Spring 2006 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Allen, Brandon    Malcolm’s Jihad: A Struggle for Equality and Self

Berger, Craig    Censorship Examined: The Role of the Miller Test and the Importance of Intellectual Freedom

Bianco, Gina    Textualist-in-Chief: The Jurisprudence of Antonin Scalia 

Black, Jonathan    An Exploration of 527 Organizations: The Rise, Impact, and Future

Bourgeois, Michael    Comparative Criminal Justice in Industrialized Democracies: The Phenomenon of Overcrowding and Recidivism in the United States

Byrne, Lauren    The Irish Diaspora in America: The Effects of the Irish American Identity on American Politics and Literature

Finch, Megan    Environmental Policymaking: A Technological Approach versus a Risk-Based Approach to Chemical Site Security

Fincke, Gregory    US Political Pressure and China’s Ability to Act as a Normal State: The Summer of 2005

Kolbe, Jessica    National Consensus and the Death Penalty:  A Study of the Past, Present, and Future of Capital Punishment in the United States

Lacey, Brian    Neoconservative Philosophy and Its Impact on Foreign Policy

Lyle, Jocelyn    The Perfect Storm: What Happens When a Natural Force Collides with a National Force? A Critical Review of African American Representation in the Media, Before and After Hurricane Katrina 

Lypson, Ashley    A Moral Controversy: From Pro-Life to Pro-Choice

McCandless, Dave    Where Should the Boundary Be Drawn Between a Regulation and a Taking?

Scibetta, Andrew    Local Electoral Culture and Its Effect on Perceptions of Negative Advertisements

Smeltz, Jessica    White-collar Crime: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? 

Smith, Nicholas    Australian Foreign Policy: Where Will the Future Lead It?

Vesci, Jaclyn    After September 11, 2001: How the United States Government and Al-Qaeda Have Continued Communications Propaganda War into 2006

William, Todd    The Values Debate and Moral Character

Wilson, Rachel    Rhetoric in the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Movements

Zoller, Mary    A Better World for a New Millennium: An INGO Perspective on Why the International Community Has Failed to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals