Fall 2008 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Attisano, Marco    A Case Study: Prophetic Dissents of the Supreme Court and How They Later Became Majority Views

Chiricosta, Matt    The Making of a Judicial Surprise: An Unavoidable Phenomenon

Devine, Kristine    The Politics of Writing in Iran

Ham, Erin    The Rise of Life Imprisonment Without Parole and the Diminishing Use of Death Penalty

Grande, Sean    The Shifting Tide of Populism in Argentina: Peronism in the Classic and Neo-Liberal Eras

Kennison, Amanda    Mexican Drug Trafficking: Past, Present, and Future

Leroy, Emerson    Is the U.S. Restrictive Refugee Policy toward Haitian Migrants – Based on Their Characterization as Economic Refugees – Valid?

McMahon, Joe    BCRA Attempts to Aide an Ailing Democracy: The Effects of BCRA on Participation in America

Perry, Samantha    Desperate Housewives: Women of the Early Cold War Era

Roehling, Jesse    The Diversity Interest within Higher Educational Institutions

Schonberg, Eric    Characteristically Evil: A Personality Analysis of Adolf Hitler and Osama bin Laden

Sobolev, Sebastian    Bridging the Policy Gap in the Caspian: Toward a U.S. Response to Russian Resurgence

Walrond, Christina   American Intelligence Failure in the Case of A.Q. Khan

Whiteman, Beau    The United States Supreme Court and the Clean Air Act