Fall 2010 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Bacon, Brett    You are a Suspect: The Constitutionality of the Terrorist Surveillance Program

Cestra Jr., Dennis    A Study Campaign Finance Reform Throughout U.S. Electoral History

Cimko, Rebecca    Analysis of Government and Community Action Efforts Aimed at Mitigating Food Deserts in Urban Areas

Cipolla, Rebecca    How Can Non Governmental Organizations Effectively Police Corruption in China and India?

Donahoe, Daniel  Lost Its Way: The International Olympic Committee and Its Role in Democracy Promotion Since the Days of Pierre deCourbertin

Ianotta, Joseph    Political Socialization: Agents and Implications

Janocsko, Katherine    Rudeness and Rancor: Investigating Incivility in American Politics

Klaben-Finegold, Andrew    Is the Process of Indefinite Detention for Terrorist Suspects Legal?

Lappas, Alexandria    Punishing the Unlucky: Moral Luck and American Criminal Law

McNally, Megan    Why Do States Have Divided Delegations? A Theory on State Characteristics

Murray, Nicole    Hawaiian Sovereignty and Indigeneity: Yes, the Facts Matter. An Analysis of the International Legal Status of the Hawaiian Islands, and Examination of the Political Movements Sparked by the Questioning of this Status, and How These  Movements Might Address the Relationship Between the United States and the People Living on the Hawaiian Islands

Paris-Hudson, Antonia    A New Deal for the American People: Partisan Realignment and the Rise of the Civil Rights Movement in the Age of FDR

Poole, Rachel    Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: How the Obama Administration Should Move Forward

Pugh, Lindsay    The Possibilities and Obstacles to a Student-Led Sustainable Consumption Movement

Sullivan, Megan    When Fighting Terrorism, Is It in the Best Interest of the United States to Adopt the Policies of the Bush Administration with Regard to Enhanced Interrogation Techniques?

Whaley, Nicholas    Fad or Fundamental Change? The Future of Counterinsurgency Strategy in American Strategic Culture

Whiteman, Zachary Effectiveness of Counterterrorism Post 9/11