Spring 2014 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Arora, Pranav  The First Black President in White America: What Barack Obama’s Race Meant to White Americans

Bauerschmidt Sweeney, Thomas M.  The Effect of Staggered Election Cycles on Co-sponsorship of Reversal Legislation in the U.S. Senate

Bennett, Marionna  The Marginalization of Immigrant Populations: A Comparison of Federal and Local Level Government Integration Policies in Spain

Cherry, Allison  Disaster Relief and Federalism: When Does Learning Become Possible?

Conley, Paige  The Effects of External Factors on Educational Attainment in Pennsylvania

Cooper, Courtney S.  A Consideration of Factors Influencing Judicial Decision-making in School Finance Reform Cases

Dauber, Benjamin Jacob  How Critical Juncture State Building Threatens the Health of the American Democracy

Davenport, Taylormarie  The Debates of the Islamic Headscarf: Can it be deemed French?

Denison, John  The Consideration of Local Elites in Theories of Federalism: The Case of Public Housing in Chicago

Fiore, Sarah R.  Insurgent Movements and Popular Support: A Study of Hamas, ETA, and Bernardo Atxaga’s El hombre solo
Los movimientos insurgentes y el apoyo popular: Un estudio de Hamas, ETA y El hombre solo escrita por Bernardo Atxaga

Harstead, Max  The Effectiveness of Violence and Nonviolence on Internal Conflicts with Total Goals

Ho, Benedict  The Militia-Mentality and the Citizen-Soldier: How individuals who resist gun control because of their fear of government tyranny have distorted the civic republican ideals of the Second Amendment

Iacovelli, Nicholas  Street-level Corruption in Pittsburgh and Minneapolis

Nelson, John C. Jr.    Deciding Whether to Decide: An Analysis of the Recusal Behavior of Supreme Court Justices & the Impact of Recusal on American Society

Ng, Tiffany  Domestic Workers are the Working Poor: A Study on the Role of Government Intervention

Nielson, Alexis  A New Model of Criminal Justice: Examining the Special Court for Sierra Leone’s Hybrid Structure and Prosecuting Joint Criminal Enterprise

O’Brien, Kevin  A Racial Constructivist and Whiteness Oriented Approach to Immigrant Groups

Honeycutt, Daniel  We Must Not Allow Chaos to Ferment as it Chooses: Assessing the Causes, Methods, and Effects of Music Censorship in the Soviet Union During the Cold War 

Iacovelli, Nicholas  Street-level Corruption in Pittsburgh and Minneapolis

Kochik, Daniel  The Difficulties of Integrating Northern Africans and Muslims into the Modern French Republican Model

McNamee, Caitlyn  Judicial Obedience to the “Chevron” Doctrine: A Strategic Analysis of Court Responses to EPA and SEC Decision-Making

Purcell, Michael James  Effectively Using Structural Mapping to Reduce the Lethality of Terror Organizations

Ravotti, Adam  Financial Stability: Understanding Voter Turnout Across Election Strata

Roberson, Lisa  The Emerging Threat of Terrorist Use of Small UAVs: A Threat Analysis

Rooney, John K.  When and How to Strike: What Theory Can Learn from Action

Smith, Brett Ronald  America’s Drone War: Just War or Just War

Snyder, Kevin E.  Cathedrals of Democracy? The Potential of Stadiums to Develop Community and Enhance Democracy

Stabile, Rosie  Analysis of Highly Complex/ience Issues Within Congress and Supreme Court Applied to Biotechnology Policy