Spring 2010 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Bock, Sarah    Slum Tourism: A Viable Model for Reducing Inequality

Brod, Maya    Israeli Democracy and the Arab Minority: Can They Coexist? 

D’Amato, James The Value of Truth and Truthiness: Comparing the Daily Show to Mainstream News

Greenhill, Julia    Kijich’ on Women: The Institutionalization of Militarized Prostitution and Its Impact on National Identity in South Korea

Halvonik, Steve    Baseball is a Microcosm of American Culture

Hart, Allison    Dubious Politics: The Portrayal of Workers, Leaders, and Radicals in John Steinbeck’s, “In Dubious Battle”

Kozub, Elizabeth    The Emergence of Alternative Labels and the Future of Fair Trade Coffee Certification 

Lamptey, Edayatu    The Revival of Confucian Doctrines in Contemporary Chinese Policies: A Critical Intellectual Examination of the Chinese Governments Harmonious Socialist Countryside Policies

Prairie, Tamara    What Role Do High Courts Play in Sustaining a Federalist State? A Comparative Analysis between the U.S. Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice

Steely, Chris    A Nation that Sings Together Can Never Be Beaten: An Analysis of Musical Propaganda, Development, and Censorship in WWII

Shafranek, Richard    Framing Consumption: College Students and the Connotations of Consumerism

Shokrollahzadeh, Chad    Comparing Revolutionary Theory:  A Critical Analysis of John Foran’s and Theda Skocpol’s Theory of Revolution

Smajic, Ines Propaganda and Peace and Conflict Resolution: Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Dayton Peace Accords

Smiddle, Jenette    The Importance of Euskara and Its Influence on Basque Nationalism

Smith, Raymond    Examining the Facts: The 2003 Iraq War Through the Lens of International Law

Spinelli, Andrew    Incumbent Defeat in the United States Congressional Elections

Syed, Moinuddin    Educational Reform in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan: A Strategy for Moderation and Stability

Yarbenet, Madelyn    Hawthorne and the Puritans: A Study of Political Community