Spring 2012 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Chen, Nan  Are Peacekeeping Operations of the United Nations More Effective than Sanctions in Helping End Civil Wars?

Dempe, Ben  Is Microfinance Succesful?  A Quantitative Assessment of the Quixotic Relationship between Microfinance and Poverty Reduction

DePaul, Nathan  The Influence of Public Opinion on Security Issues in Israel

Finton, Morgan Edward  Divergent Outcomes: The Supreme Court Confirmation Processes of Robert Bork & Clarence Thomas

Gaudreau, Laura  China’s Piece in the International Aid Puzzle: an Evaluation of Involvement and Its Effect on Africa’s Development

Goldstein, Benjamin  This Just In…We’ve Been Acquired:” The Deregulation, Structure, and Impact of Media Conglomerates

Gower, Derek Lynn  Bureaucratic Behavior in Anticipation of Presidential Shifts

Hafner, Daniel  The Effects of Tragic Shootings on Federal Public Policy and Law

Katherman, C. Taylor  Why Comply? An Examination of State Compliance with the 1951 Refugee Convention Under Mass Refugee Influxes

Koehler, Jill  An Analysis of Peru’s and India’s Maoist Insurgencies and Their Links with Indigenous Peasants Using Social Movement Theory

Mallory, Raynor   Failing Intelligence: How the Systemic Problems within the U.S. Intelligence Community Reveal the Faulty Role of Intelligence in Government

McCrumb, Malcomb  Cultural Differences and Domestic Politics: Why Democracies Fail At Counterinsurgency

Raker, Andrew  Toward Human Compassion: An Exploration of Types, Roles, and Theories of Education in Bleak House and Hard Times

Schneider, Emma  An Evaluation of Diverse Political Opportunity Structures and Their Effects on Indigenous Social Movements Contesting Resource Extraction

True, William  Click to Dissent: Political Internet Use in Authoritarian Arab Regimes

Vargas, Francheska  Evo Morales’s Bolivia: Radical Democracy or Liberal Democracy?

Victorelli, Emma Marie  Educational Tracking and its Effect Upon the Academic Experiences and Labor Market Integration of Second-Generation Turkish Immigrants in France and Germany