Spring 2017 Senior Composition Titles and Authors

Boyler, Wyatt: The Impact of Public School Substance Abuse Policies on High School Graduation Rates

Cryderman, Tessa: The Effect of Discretion on Efficacy: A Study of 4 State Bureaucrats

Dantona, Kayla: Political Position Influence on the Muslim Headscarf in France 

Feeney, Megan Delaney: Devolution in the Age of Welfare Reform: Examining the Impact of State Approaches to Federal Policy

Kaufman, Sofia: The Supremes: How the Death of Liberty of Contract Led to Increased Tandem Polarization and Changed Supreme Court Nominations

Koch, Justin: Accountability of State Legislature Politicians Measured Through Environmental Protection Policy

Olaiya, Yemi: The Reach of Our Voice: An Analysis of Social Movement Theory and Afro-descendants in Argentina and Mexico

Pillion-Gardner, Noah: An Insurgency Reborn: How ISIS Rose From the Ashes to Establish the First Modern Islamic Caliphate

Rodriguez, Sevren: Voting For the Party: Statistical Analysis of the Probability of Democratic-Majority Panels on the United States Courts of Appeals

Serafin, Jocelyne: The Latino Voter Identity: How Their Identity Was Constructed During the 2016 Elections and How the Presidential Candidates Courted the Latino Voter

Trunfio, Alexander: Diffuse Support for State Supreme Courts: Analyzing the Influence of Judicial Selection Methods