Mailing Guidelines

August 2015

This memo is to serve as a useful preparation in mail procedure. Good planning on your part helps ensure the best possible service. To make sure that your jobs get out on time and are processed properly, please observe the following guidelines.

Preparing Mail

  • For all #10 (legal size) envelopes that must be run through the postage meter, put flaps down individually. Make sure that all contents are below the fold line of the envelope.
  • All mail to be mailed out should be facing in the same direction (none upside down or backwards) Do not mix stamped mail with mail that requires postage.
  • #10 envelopes and postcards should be kept separate.
  • Seal all self-seal envelopes and envelopes with square flaps.
  • Rubber-band international mail and sealed mail and put it on top of your stack of mail.
  • If your mailing includes pieces of more than one weight–any content difference will alter weight, even if the same envelope is used–create separate groups by weight. If you fail to do this, each piece must be weighed at the campus post office and the time needed to do this could delay your mailing from going out that day.
  • All charge slips must have name, account numbers and quantity written on them.

Package Delivery

  • Individual departments and offices ordinarily will pick up their incoming packages at the campus post office. Physical Plant staff are available for limited building deliveries but in only response to requests from the Manager of Mailing Services. ( A package must exceed 30 pounds in order to request that Physical Plant deliver it)
  • Notices of package arrivals are placed in recipients’ boxes.
  • Because the campus post office does not have a great deal of storage space, we ask that you pick your packages up promptly. Physical Plant is not able to deliver packages unless an individual package weighs exceeds 30 pounds–allowing smaller packages to accumulate will not result in their being delivered to you.

Bulk Mailings

Any mailing that is sent bulk rate, using the College’s Permit No. 191 must include at least 200 pieces and must be processed by Mailing Services. Permit 7 is for first-class mail and requires at least 500 pieces. Please remember that all pieces included in this mailing be identical in size, weight and content.

The USPS also has size guidelines for bulk mail; please check with Mailing Services to make sure that your mail piece conforms to size specifications. Bulk mail that does not conform to size specifications is subject to a per piece surcharge. Please note these additional guidelines:

  • All flaps are to be down individually or sealed (folded pieces are to be tabbed).
  • The pieces must be in zip code order ascending order.
  • A zip list must be provided.
  • The total number of pieces in mailing must be specified.
  • Bulk mailings are to be sent to the Post Office in trays (for letters) or mail tubs (for larger flats). Please stop by the campus post office to get these items.
  • Keep the mail dry when you transport it to the campus post office.
  • Provide your department name and account number.
  • Must have compliance form.
  • Bulk mail requires a college indicia indicating permit 7 or 191.

General Information

  • USPS mail is usually in campus mailboxes by 3 p.m.
  • USPS mail leaves the campus post office the same time each day: 3:30 p.m.
  • Each department is responsible for filling out the forms for certified, insured, and express mail and for UPS.
  • Express and priority rates may vary according to destination.