Mass Mailings

Policy Regarding Mass Mailings Such as Fliers Advertising Events

Please note: Only Post Office staff and authorized student workers may place mail in student mailboxes.

Because of the staff time that would be involved in placing fliers, brochures, and other informational and promotional material in our more than 2,000 student mailboxes, we cannot meet requests to distribute mass mailings.

Occasional exceptions are made for fliers that promote official college functions and that describe a month-long, semester-long, or year-long series of events. If you believe your mailing meets these guidelines and is eligible for an exception, you must still check with the Mailing Services manager before you make copies for distribution. You will be asked to share a copy of the flier.

Please make note of these restrictions:

  • A mass mailing is defined as 100 pieces or more, whether those pieces are distributed all at once or over a period of days or even weeks.
  • Once you have approval from the Mailing Services manager, you must take all copies of the fliers to the post office window at the same time. Repeated groups of fliers with the same content will be rejected.
  • All fliers must have a return address on the outside of the flier or envelope.
  • Fliers that are put into the mail drop without authorization of the Mailing Services manager will not be distributed. Fliers with a return address will be returned to the sender when possible. Fliers without a return address will be held for one week and then recycled.
  • Off-campus vendors are not permitted to use Mailing Services for flier distribution. They must use the U.S. Postal Service and pay postage.
  • We encourage you to use the methods below to promote your programs. Most of them will save you time as well as paper.
  • Send an announcement of your event or program to My Allegheny, the college’s online newsletter.
  • Add your event to the master calendar.
  • Distribute posters on bulletin boards in the Campus Center and other locations.
  • Leave a stack of fliers at the counter near the Post Office so that students who are interested can take one.
  • Contact the Campus to see if they will publicize your event.
  • Contact department chairs or department secretaries to ask if they will publicize your events and programs at department meetings and on department bulletin boards.
  • Contact Resident Directors to ask if they will publicize your events and programs at their next group meeting.
  • Mail one flier to each administrative office. A single flier can be posted or circulated among the employees of each office.
  • Contact the Office of Campus Communications at 332-5950. They can help you strategize how to reach the most number of people.