The Move Update Requirement

Move Update is required of all mail leaving the College with one of the College’s discounted bulk mail permit imprints (see chart below).

What is the purpose of Move Update? To decrease the amount of mail that is undeliverable. If you are not checking mailing list addresses to make sure they are current or if you are purchasing mailing lists from vendors that are not Move Update compliant themselves, chances are that a fairly high percentage of your mailing is never reaching the addressees. The College–and your budget–is paying for printing and postage for pieces that will only make their way to a landfill or recycling center.

Mailing Services and Public Affairs at Allegheny will work with you to make sure your mailings are Move Update compliant. Please remember that it is your responsibility to check with us in advance if you are unsure how to determine that a particular mailing will be compliant.

Move Update applies to 2 of the 3 bulk mail indicias:

Move Update

Requirements to use Allegheny College’s Mailing Indicias

Min Qty $ Postcard $ Letter Zip Order?
200 n/a .191 Y*
200 .32 .49 N
500 .280 .46 Y*

*Zip Order – provide mail pieces in zip code order; one total count of all pieces and accompanying zip list.

**Not Discounted. Move update does not apply

Download Move Update Compliance Form