Student Profiles

Catrina Steckler

Catrina Steckler ’19 has taken advantage of the “Unusual Combinations” philosophy that Allegheny prides itself on. She is double majoring in Economics and Community and Justice Studies while still finding time for her diverse interests and being a Bonner Scholar. Her interests on campus take her to beautiful and interesting places off campus through participating in the Outing Club and Ski Club trips, as well as volunteering at Tamarack Wildlife Center, where she works for rehabilitation and education for raptors. On top of that, she also participates in Allegheny Student Government.

“For me,” Steckler says, “Unusual Combinations means that we are all very diverse individuals who come from complex backgrounds, and that Allegheny pushes students to pursue those multiple interests. This creates a very well-rounded student who can adapt to multiple situations within the workplace.”

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George Castellon Castillo

As a double major in International Studies and French, George Castellon Castillo is no stranger to a heavy workload. On top of his studies, he also participates in College Democrats, the Law and Policy Program, Allegheny Men’s Lacrosse Club, Brother 2 Brother, the Access Allegheny Program, and Service Saturdays. His diverse involvements reflect what Allegheny values – Unusual Combinations.

“I define Unusual Combinations as a unique fusion of various qualities, personalities, and identities that foster a community progressively different from any other generic setting,” Castillo says. Those unusual combinations have fostered a wide reach of experience in his education that have allowed him to decide on his future career path – in law.

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