Catrina Steckler

“Since beginning at Allegheny, I feel as though I am getting the attention I need from each class to succeed.”

– Catrina Steckler

Catrina Steckler ’19 is double majoring in Economics and Community and Justice Studies while still finding time for her diverse interests and being a Bonner Scholar. Her interests on campus take her to beautiful and interesting places off campus through participating in the Outing Club and Ski Club trips, as well as volunteering at Tamarack Wildlife Center, where she works for rehabilitation and education for raptors. On top of that, she also participates in Allegheny Student Government.

“Allegheny pushes students to pursue those multiple interests. This creates a very well-rounded student who can adapt to multiple situations within the workplace,” Steckler says.

Steckler is one of those well-rounded students, combining her unique interests into her intended career path. She is following the Pre-Law Program at Allegheny with the intent of becoming an animal lawyer, and then redirecting her career more toward politics and policy-making for animal welfare.

“My favorite part of Allegheny is the access to resources when it comes to academic help,” says Steckler. “There are many opportunities within the Gateway and tutors as well as teachers assistants who are more than happy to help each student succeed.”

The courses Steckler has taken at Allegheny have allowed her to direct her majors towards law school. She has also interned at Shafer Law Firm, which gave her hands-on experience in the career she one day hopes to have. Steckler was recently accepted to become a fellow at the Center for Political Participation on campus as well, which will give her another opportunity to cultivate her skills in politics.

“I chose Allegheny because it gave me a very personalized education,” Steckler says. “I liked the student to teacher ratio as well as how many office hours were required by Professors. Since beginning at Allegheny, I feel as though I am getting the attention I need from each class to succeed.”