Alleghenians go on to diverse careers in the health professions, from surgery, psychiatry and veterinary medicine to higher education and public health administration. In addition to establishing private practices, recent graduates have worked for these employers:

  • Cleveland Clinic – physician, orthopaedic surgeon
  • Cornell Medical School – assistant professor, cancer research specialist
  • Eastman-Kodak Company – industrial physician
  • Harvard Medical School – physician, research fellow
  • Lederle Laboratories – pharmacologist
  • Los Alamos Laboratory – biomathematician, immunology researcher
  • Mayo Clinic – consultant, physician, pediatric consultant
  • Roswell Park Memorial Hospital – cancer research scientist
  • University of California – psychiatrist
  • Walter Reed Army Hospital – physician


Scott Johns ’88, veterinary dentist, Fairview Veterinary Hospital, Fairview, Pennsylvania; founder and director, Veterinary Dental Laboratory of America, Fairview, Pennsylvania

Rodney Finalle ’89, physician, Children’s Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Barbara Kevish ’89, resident physician, St. Margaret Memorial Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Erin Malley ’89, resident, child psychiatry, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic

James W. Kramer ’90, physician, Robert Packer Medical Center, Pennsylvania

Terrence Steyer ’90, associate professor of Family Medicine and former president of the American Medical Student Association, Medical University of South Carolina

Vicki Kopf Iles ’92, psychiatry resident, Maine Medical Center

Doan Nguyen ’93, University of Rochester Medical School, M.D., Ph.D.

Lisa Sproat ’93, physician fellow in Hematology/Oncology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

Jennifer Scott Fox ’94, veterinarian, Marley Veterinary Clinic, Titusville, Pennsylvania

Roy Phitayakorn ’98, University of Pittsburgh Medical School

Bridget Fey ’98, Harvard Medical School

Britta Svoren ’98, University of Buffalo Medical School

Ivanna Hummel ’98, Ohio State University Veterinary School

Meghan Perkins ’99, Mayo Medical School

Nicole Chengelis ’99, University of Pittsburgh