President’s Senior Staff: Administrative Executive Committee

The Administrative Executive Committee (AEC) is the primary policy-making body of the College. The AEC reviews all major financial, administrative, academic, and programmatic issues.

AEC Members at a Glance

Terry Bensel

Associate Provost and Director of The Allegheny Gateway • Professor of Environmental Science

Ian Binnington

Dean of Curriculum and Registrar • Associate Professor of History and Black Studies

Ron Cole

Provost • Dean of the College • Professor of Geology

Kristin Nicole Dukes

Dean for Institutional Diversity

Richard Holmgren

Vice President for Information Services and Assessment • Chief Information Officer

Jennifer Padlan

Director of Human Resources

Bill Ross

Director of Athletics and Recreation

Megan Ryan

Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management

Susan K. Salton

Vice President for College Relations

Matthew P. Stinson

Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs

April Thompson

Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students

Linda Wetsell

Chief Financial Officer • Vice President of Finance and Administration

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