Statement on Events in Washington, D.C. – January 6, 2021

January 6, 2021

It is almost impossible to write coherently about the history of events that are happening and not yet resolved. Historians depend on the passage of time between the present and the events they study to gather the record and make sense of what happened, why it happened, and what it means. We don’t have the luxury of that historical vantage point as we view the events unfolding in Washington D.C. But we need to speak out. Allegheny College unequivocally condemns the violence and stands united with members of Congress and their staff who loyally serve this country.

It is hard not to compare the disparate reactions of law enforcement to Black Lives Matter protests as to this insurrection. They are not the same. This is something that we suspect many BIPOC people noticed immediately. We reiterate our commitment to the ideals and actualization of social justice. Today is yet another reminder why that effort is vital to our community.

The actions today at the U.S. Capitol are deplorable, a deliberate assault on our nation’s institutions and a threat to our democracy.

Higher education is an essential component of our democracy. For more than two centuries, Allegheny College has educated and engaged a civically-minded citizenry. While we have work to do, we are well-positioned to meet the challenges created by the painful uncertainty and anxiety that played out earlier today. It is time to find common ground and join together in ensuring our democracy continues to prosper.

President Link and members of AEC