Update from the Presidential Search Committee

Dear Members of the Allegheny Community,

On behalf of the Presidential Search Committee, I thank you for your many constructive comments and continued support as we move through the search process. As you might suspect, the search committee has been especially busy over the past many weeks, working to narrow the field of candidates under consideration to be the 22nd president of Allegheny College.

As we near a crucial stage in the process, we think it is important to provide the College community with some context that has helped fuel the enthusiasm the committee has maintained throughout this effort. Almost 800 individuals either initiated contact or were suggested to the search consultant by roughly 360 sources as potential candidates for the presidency. From that group, our search consultant yielded more than 130 candidates for further consideration. The actual detailed candidate review undertaken by every committee member numbered more than 30 individuals. We have since narrowed the interview portion of the process to a smaller number of candidates. We now enter a stage where, within the next few months and from a group of exceptionally talented candidates, we hope to present to the Board of Trustees our final thinking related to our many months of work, for its deliberation and decision-making.

Again, thank you for your understanding and support throughout this process. We are grateful for the many hours of time committed by the search committee, our consultant (Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates) and the College administration as we work our way toward the conclusion of a successful search for the next president of Allegheny College.


Eddie Taylor, Jr. ’87
Chair, Presidential Search Committee