Hilary L. Link Named 22nd President of Allegheny College

Dear Members of the Allegheny Community,

It is with great pleasure that I write today to share exciting news. The Allegheny College Board of Trustees has unanimously elected Dr. Hilary L. Link, dean of Temple University Rome, as the 22nd president of Allegheny. She will assume the presidency on July 1, 2019, succeeding President James H. Mullen, Jr., upon his retirement after 11 years of distinguished service to our College.

Our Presidential Search Committee was skillfully led by Eddie Taylor ’87 and included a cross-section of constituents — trustees, faculty, students, staff, administrators, alumni and the local community. They did a tremendous job in selecting an experienced leader and scholar committed to guiding Allegheny’s future and continuing Jim Mullen’s visionary leadership and dedication to the College and community. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I express a sincere thank you to Eddie and the entire committee for their hard work and devotion to Allegheny.

Dr. Link is the first woman in Allegheny’s history to hold the college’s highest office. She is a visionary, entrepreneurial leader and interdisciplinary scholar of the humanities with significant experience in inspiring sustainable organizational change by engaging and empowering others in institutional transformation. She is a bold thinker interested in bringing important voices and ideas to the table as part of Allegheny’s legacy of innovation.

Dr. Link was appointed to her current position at Temple University in 2013. As the senior Temple University administrator in Rome, she is responsible for all aspects of Temple Rome’s campus, which annually enrolls more than 600 students in undergraduate and graduate programs. She has strategically expanded and revamped curriculum to enhance enrollment by including more contemporary topics and developed new courses and internships with Temple’s Klein College of Media and Communication; College of Liberal Arts; College of Science and Technology; College of Engineering; and School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management. She also has led recruitment initiatives to achieve an enrollment that is the highest in the 52-year history of the campus, and initiated and garnered support for a full-fledged development program, including creation of a Temple Rome Board of Visitors.

Prior to joining Temple, Dr. Link served as the vice provost for Barnard College, Columbia University, where she had oversight of Barnard’s curriculum, international programs, academic assessment, faculty grants and select academic programs. She previously held the positions of assistant and associate provost and dean for international programs at Barnard.

A transdisciplinary and globally oriented scholar of Italian art and literature, Dr. Link will have a faculty appointment at Allegheny. She has taught at Temple University Rome, Barnard College, New York University, Columbia University, and Yale University. She is a graduate of Stanford University and earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Italian language and literature from Yale University. She and her husband, Jeff Link, have three sons, Jason, Alexander, and Zachary.

Please join my colleague trustees and me in extending a warm welcome to our president-elect, Hilary Link, and her family. I encourage you to read the announcement on the Allegheny website to learn more about our next president.


Mark Campbell ’82
Chair, Board of Trustees

Update from the Presidential Search Committee

Dear Members of the Allegheny Community,

On behalf of the Presidential Search Committee, I thank you for your many constructive comments and continued support as we move through the search process. As you might suspect, the search committee has been especially busy over the past many weeks, working to narrow the field of candidates under consideration to be the 22nd president of Allegheny College.

As we near a crucial stage in the process, we think it is important to provide the College community with some context that has helped fuel the enthusiasm the committee has maintained throughout this effort. Almost 800 individuals either initiated contact or were suggested to the search consultant by roughly 360 sources as potential candidates for the presidency. From that group, our search consultant yielded more than 130 candidates for further consideration. The actual detailed candidate review undertaken by every committee member numbered more than 30 individuals. We have since narrowed the interview portion of the process to a smaller number of candidates. We now enter a stage where, within the next few months and from a group of exceptionally talented candidates, we hope to present to the Board of Trustees our final thinking related to our many months of work, for its deliberation and decision-making.

Again, thank you for your understanding and support throughout this process. We are grateful for the many hours of time committed by the search committee, our consultant (Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates) and the College administration as we work our way toward the conclusion of a successful search for the next president of Allegheny College.


Eddie Taylor, Jr. ’87
Chair, Presidential Search Committee

Update from the Presidential Search Committee

Dear Members of the Allegheny Community,

Several weeks ago, an update on the work of the Presidential Search Committee was sent following the initial meeting of the entire committee. As preparations are being made to start a new academic year, and after a productive summer, we wanted to again reach out to let you know what you might expect from the search process in the coming semester.

The search process is advancing as planned and will intensify as we move into the fall semester. Those of you who were able to attend a listening session conducted in May with representatives of our search consultant, Storbeck/Pimentel and Associates, may recall the particular emphasis on the issues of privacy and confidentiality. The current nature of presidential searches relies much more on the stated need for confidentiality and, in obvious ways, is a clear departure from the semi-public nature of earlier searches.

Our search firm tells us that, in recent years, all of the presidential searches they have conducted for private colleges have been confidential in their approach. Public colleges and universities routinely avoid public presidential searches as well. Most individuals who are strong prospects will likely not consider becoming a candidate without a guarantee of some level of privacy. We chose early on to build the strongest candidate pool possible and to honor the expressed need for privacy.

Allegheny’s Presidential Search Committee members all have signed a Confidentiality Agreement and, as such, have committed to not divulge any information pertaining to the search, including the names of prospective candidates, the timeline, and the content of conversations among committee members. As chair of the Presidential Search Committee, I have committed to updating the community (and public) on behalf of the committee.

I am also committed to keeping you apprised of our progress and invite you to offer any suggestions or concerns you may have. If there are opportunities for the finalists to have some public exposure to the community, I will share that information with you. The Presidential Search website also is available as a resource during the search process.

We are grateful for the interest you are taking in this search and ask that you trust that we are working to find the best possible candidate to serve as Allegheny’s next president. We look forward to our entire community enthusiastically welcoming that individual to our campus.

Best regards,

Eddie Taylor, Jr. ’87
Chair, Presidential Search Committee

Update from the Presidential Search Committee

Dear Members of the Allegheny Community:

It’s my pleasure to provide a progress report to the community on the Presidential Search process. The Search Committee has met both face-to-face and via conference call and will continue to do so throughout the search process. We are working closely with our search consultant, Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates. A number of promising candidates have been brought to our attention for review, and we continue to identify more potential candidates for consideration.

As we move into the fall, I anticipate that our work will intensify, and we will be engaged with the candidate review process on several levels. I look forward to updating you periodically as we move through this search. I want to thank all who have brought potential candidates to the attention of the committee and the search consultant, and who have shared suggestions and concerns with us. Your interest in helping secure the best possible candidate to serve as Allegheny’s next president strengthens our ability and commitment to do so.

Should you have information you wish to share with us, you may reach me at AC_PresSearch@allegheny.edu.

With best regards,

Eddie Taylor, Jr. ’87
Chair, Presidential Search Committee

Share Your Perspectives with the Presidential Search Committee

Dear Fellow Members of the Allegheny College Campus Community:

As you know, we are engaged in an important time of transition, as our President, James Mullen, will retire effective June 30, 2019. We are grateful to President Mullen for his leadership and service, and for his determination to spend the upcoming academic year working tirelessly to continue to strengthen our institution as we anticipate a leadership change. Your Board of Trustees recognizes that we have no more important responsibility than to choose a president under whose leadership Allegheny College will thrive in the execution of our mission.

To assist with the search, we have retained Shelly Weiss Storbeck and Thomas Fitch of Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates, a leading executive search firm that specializes in higher education executive searches. As they begin to work with the search committee, we welcome the input of students, faculty, staff, and administrators regarding the qualifications and characteristics that we hope to see in the next president of Allegheny College. Ms. Storbeck and Dr. Fitch recently visited campus to meet with a diverse set of campus constituents as part of a “listening tour” that will inform the development of the presidential profile. In addition, a presidential search website will soon be launched. We also invite you to share your input through this online survey, as well as submit nominations directly to the consultants at AlleghenyPresident@storbecksearch.com. We hope that you will take advantage of these opportunities to share your perspectives with the search committee.

Thank you, in advance, for your support as we work to find our next leader and as we move Allegheny forward.

Warm regards,

Eddie Taylor, Jr. ’87
Search Committee Chair and Member of the Board of Trustees

Message From Board Chair

Dear Members of the Allegheny Community:

Having guided Allegheny College for more than a decade, President James H. Mullen, Jr. will be retiring at the end of the 2018–2019 academic year. The Board of Trustees, on behalf of the entire Allegheny community, now has the responsibility of identifying, recruiting, and hiring a new president.

The Board is pleased to announce the formation of a Presidential Search Committee to nominate a successor to President Mullen. The search committee is representative of the broader community of the College and will lead the recruitment process. The search committee will recommend to the Board, for its consideration and selection, the candidate(s) who are best qualified to assume the Presidency of Allegheny College.

The Presidential Search Committee is chaired by Allegheny Trustee Eddie Taylor, Jr. ’87 and includes:

  • Edward Borkowski ’81, Board of Trustees
  • Curt Cramer ’84, Board of Trustees
  • Mary H. “Missy” Feeley ’78, Board of Trustees
  • Steven D. Levinsky ’78, Board of Trustees
  • Christine Scott Nelson ’73, Board of Trustees
  • Julie G. Skattum ’85, Board of Trustees
  • Bruce R. Thompson ’86, Board of Trustees
  • James O. Wible ’71, Board of Trustees
  • Carmen Ellington ’86, Allegheny Alumni Council
  • Ivelitza (Ivy) Garcia, Allegheny Faculty
  • Barbara Shaw, Allegheny Faculty
  • Benjamin Slote, Allegheny Faculty
  • Cornell B. LeSane II, Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions
  • Linda Lees, Allegheny Staff Representative
  • Camila Gomez, 2018–19 President, Allegheny Student Government
  • Philip E. Pandolph, CEO, Meadville Medical Center
  • Mark Campbell ’82, Chair, Board of Trustees (ex officio)

Following a detailed review of proposals, the Board has engaged the services of Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates to facilitate the search process. Shelly Storbeck, a managing partner in the firm, will lead our search.

Similar to previous searches, there will be opportunities for our community to provide input. The Storbeck/Pimentel team and the search committee will conduct extensive outreach on campus to gather information about the position, identify the opportunities and challenges the new leader and the College will face in the coming years, and weigh the varying perspectives on leadership qualities that candidates should possess.

Updates on the search will be released through regular communications and the new Presidential Search Committee website currently in development.

Questions about the search or search process can be mailed to ac_pressearch@allegheny.edu.

Mark Campbell ’82, Chair, Board of Trustees
Eddie Taylor, Jr. ’87, Chair, Presidential Search Committee