Facilities and Strengths


LabsPhysiopsych Lab

Allegheny’s psychology laboratory complex gives students opportunities far advanced over those offered at most undergraduate colleges. Recently, the College invested more than $500,000 in lab renovations to provide the latest equipment and instrumentation. The complex includes a physiological psychology teaching lab, an operant conditioning teaching lab, a psycho-pharmacology research lab for animal work, a human psychophysiology research lab, a cognitive lab for research on memory and language, and group research rooms and suites for student projects.

ComputersCarnegie Hall Computer Lab

Department members use technology extensively, especially the web, to support teaching and learning. Access to more than 60 proprietary electronic databases, combined with faculty-designed web pages, provides students with information from every part of the globe. Sakai provides software for asynchronous off-line discussions, while a fully wired smart classroom allows for state-of-the-art computer-assisted presentations with 20 student workstations. In addition, computers are an integral part of several laboratory setups, including those for human electrophysiology and single-cell recordings.